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The legal committee of the Ada Traditional Council has declared Nene Alipue Narh Amartey V as the legitimate chief of Luhuor.

This judgement and declaration has brought an end to the chieftaincy litigation between the Alipue family and the Nyabu family which ensued after the demise of Nene Alipue Tetteh IV on 30th June 2021.

It was the contention of the Nyabu’s, known for their occupancy of the priesthood of the Libiwor, the god of the Songor lagoon that it is their turn to take over the chieftaincy and further went ahead to install a parallel chief before filing a suit at the Ada traditional council.

However the Legal Committee of the Ada Traditional council chaired by Nene Lanuer Okumo IV hearing the petitioners and the defendants noted that the pricedent has to be maintained. The committee therefore declared that the Alipue family maintains the chieftaincy title while the Nyabus maintain the priesthood.

Acting Spokesperson for the Alipue family, Numo Andrews Korletey Alipue describes the judgement as well served but the litigation as unnecessary. ‘This unnecessary litigations stalls development and waste of resources that can be channeled into development” he said.

He said it would be prudent for all factions to come together to develop the community since the litigation is over. ‘We hear our brothers have gotten some foreign currency, l will advise them not to use it for litigation, they should contribute it for the development of our community” he advised.

It is his wish that the families would rather engage in healthy dialogue rather than litigations.

Speaking in an interview after the court’s declaration Nene Alipue Narh Amartey V the affaimed chief also called on both sides to be united in order to foster development of the area. According to him the area which has been endowed with the salt mines over ages should have been much developed than it is today . He said it is therefore his desire to quicken development of the Luhuor community in the area of education, health and other infrastructure development. Education he said is the first priority on his list.

‘I am what I have become now because of education so l want to ensure that the needed educational infrastructure and learning and teaching materials and provided in the shortest possible time’ he noted.

He also called on the government and stakeholders in development to turn an eye to the developmental needs of the Luhuor community.

Members of the community took to drumming and dancing to express their joy towards an end to the litigation and affirmation of Nene Alipue Narh Amartey V as chief of Luhuor.