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Agotime Traditional Area Launches 2024 Kente Festival: Repositioning Heritage for Inclusive Development.

The Chiefs and people of the Agotime Traditional Area have officially launched this year’s Kente (Agbamevor) Festival, paving the way for a week-long series of activities leading up to the celebration. This launch marks a significant return after being halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated restrictions.

The Agotime Traditional Area is renowned for its unique production of Kente (Agbamevorza) for decades. The annual loom purification rite by master weavers has transformed into the Agotime Kente (Agbamevor) Festival, aimed at preserving and protecting the cultural and aesthetic values of Kente cloth, showcasing its various uses, attracting tourists, and uniting the people for socio-economic development.

Over twenty-eight years of celebration, the festival has become one of the most significant public-themed events in the Volta Region and Ghana. Kente has persistently acted as a vessel of symbolism and the most profound expression of collective identity, epitomizing the grace, dignity, and sanctity that exemplify the excellence of African culture.

The 2024 media launch, themed “Repositioning the Kente Heritage for Inclusive Development,” aims to highlight and promote the rich cultural heritage of Kente weaving for inclusive development. Scheduled to begin on August 4th 2024, the festival will include events such as weaving competitions, reenactments of the ancestors’ migration, and special events for women and children, among others.

In his welcome statement, the Warlord of the Agotime Traditional Area, Nene Akoto Sah, emphasized the importance of the Kente Festival in preserving and promoting the cultural identity of the Ewe people and fostering inclusive development.

“It is important that we preserve this cultural heritage. In this vein, we call on the government, the regional minister, the tourism minister, and all citizens, both home and abroad, to come join us in celebrating the 2024 Kente (Agbamevorza) in peace and unity for the development of our enviable Agotime state,” the Warlord stated.

The Agortime-Ziope District Chief Executive, Ms. Emelia Emefa Adzimah, commended the people for closing their ranks to bring back the festival.

“May this day be a great turning point in the lives of the people of Agotime, uniting us as never before as we work assiduously to bring about various improvements in the quality of lives of our people,” the District Chief Executive stated.

The Member of Parliament for Agotime-Ziope, Charles Agbeve, noted the need for training and support for the youth, identifying gaps in the marketing and other sectors of the industry.

The Municipal Chief Executive for Ho Municipality, Divine Richard Bosson, emphasized that the traditional area must explore innovative ways to integrate Kente into a broader spectrum of development.

“In this spirit, we must explore innovative ways to integrate Kente into a broader spectrum of development to create jobs for the youth in our communities. This includes promoting Kente on global platforms, fostering tourism, and creating educational opportunities that highlight the significance of Kente in our culture. By doing so, we can ensure that the economic benefits derived from this heritage are felt by every member of our communities,” Ho MCE said.

Elvis Ativoe, a member of the planning committee, mentioned that low tourist traffic affects the promotion as a production environment, highlighting the importance of harnessing the festival for the rejuvenation of identity.

“Master weavers should work hand in hand on enhancing the appeal of the fabric, taking into consideration market demands and shifting from solely traditional ways of outlook for the fabric to modern design trends and client demands,” Elvis Ativoe stated.

A grand durbar of chiefs and people of the Agotime Traditional Area is scheduled to be held on Saturday, August 10th, 2024, to climax the activities for the 2024 Kente (Agbamevor) Festival at Kpetoe in the Agotime-Ziope District in the Volta Region.

The Media Launch brought together all traditional rulers and citizens from Togo and Ghana who form the Agotime Traditional Area. The event witnessed a colorful display of traditional Ewe music and dance. Chiefs adorned in their well-designed Kente cloths showcased the cultural patterns that have made Kente a symbol of Ghanaian heritage.