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Akosua Asabea writes: Mahama’s campaign message: My opinion

Mahama’s team needs to get a proper campaign message!

His ‘I’ll look into this, I’ll look into that’ mantra is no campaign message and it is becoming rather boring and ineffective! We need to hear him campaign on relatable and implementable policies that will impact and improve the lives of Ghanaians. It is not enough to flippantly mention the 24-hour economy in a political speech: it more important to explain how it will be implemented. This is because he himself cannot explain his plans succinctly, his communicators are finding it difficult to explain them well to the ordinary Ghanaian!

Will Ghanaians vote for a candidate with bold solutions or a candidate who will review or probe
policies of the previous administration? I leave that to the voters. However, remember, he has only a four-year mandate. How many of the years will he use to review and probe? A mark of progress and good governance is to build upon what already exists. It certainly is not to tear down and start all over again!

The author of this piece is Akosua Asabea Asomaning. A broadcast journalist with the Ignite Media Group (Original 91.9 FM and Original TV). Views expressed in the writeup are solely hers and do not in any way reflect that of any brand she affiliates with.