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Ghanaian rapper, Amerado recently found himself in an exchange that caught the attention of fans and music enthusiasts  on X formerly twitter.

It all started when a user on Twitter compared Amerado’ singing ability to the talented Stonebwoy. Now, while being compared to a well-known artist may seem like a compliment, Amerado didn’t take it lightly.

The X user with the handle ‘Twilight@the_marcoli_boy’ wrote on his page that if Rapper Amerado had started singing early like Dancehall and Afrobeat singer Stonebwoy won’t have a career.

“Amerado no start singing early like by now stonebwoy no get career”
In a passionate respond, Amerado scold the X user for disrespecting Stonebwoy.“Bro! Stop disrespecting Stonebwoy”

The exchange sparked a lively debate among fans, with some supporting Amerado’s stance and others expressing their opinions on the comparison. It’s always interesting to see how artists respond to such situations, as it gives us a glimpse into their passion and dedication to their craft.

Amerado has been exploring his musical talents even further by doing more singing, he recently released ‘Kwaku Ananse and now his new single Abronoma’.

Known for his rap skills, Amerado has been surprising fans with his melodic vocals and catchy hooks. This new direction showcases his versatility and proves that he’s not afraid to push boundaries and experiment with different styles.

Source :Salamatu Razak