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The Deputy Minister for Lands and Natural Resources responsible for Lands and Forestry, Hon. Benito Owusu-Bio has on 13th March 2023 opened a two-day review meeting on the wildlife Resources Management Bill, 2022 of the Parliamentary Select Committee.

In his submission, he noted that the Wildlife Bill when passed will ensure effective management of the country’s wildlife resources in accordance with international best-practice and also promote private sector investment in the sector.

He was also of the view that the CREMA concept which has a solid legal backing and community participation in resources management will be enhanced.

Hon. Benito made it known that the sanction regimes have also been significantly enhanced and this he said will deter perpetrators of forest and wildlife crimes from engaging in such activities.

He further stated “In recent years, some of our wildlife officers have been attacked and sometimes killed in the course of their duties and these acts of lawlessness are unacceptable and needs to be addressed”.

Pursuant to the above, Hon. Benito added, that there is no doubt that the Bill is very important for the sector and implored the Hon. Members of Parliament to dispassionately discuss the bill such that they are able to draw the curtains on the subject during the two days of review.

The Deputy Minister on behalf of the Sector Minister, Hon. Samuel A. Jinapor thanked the Hon. Members for the cooperation received from them at every stage of the process “from the review in Koforidua, the stakeholders forum in Parliament, the first laying of the bill and relaying till this point.”

The clause-by-clause review meeting of the Wildlife Resources Management Bill, 2022 is expected to be passed by Parliament soon.