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The majority of NPP delegates in the Asante Akim South have assured not to move to any other camp but would remain with the incumbent MP, lawyer Kwaku Asante Boateng who is the Deputy Railway Minister.

Despite attempts by some aspirants who are also contesting in the NPP Parliamentary primaries like Mr Bice Osei Kuffour, popularly known as Obour to sway opinions and advocate for a shift in representation, the sentiments among the delegates remain steadfast, rooted in the impactful achievements the deputy minister.

Also, the Asante Akim South constituency MP who doubles as deputy railway minister, Mr Kwaku Asante Boateng clearly stated that he would be declared winner with not less than seventy to seventy-five percent ( 70-75 % ) of the total votes in the NPP Parliamentary primaries elections scheduled for 27 January 2024 as against his main contender, Bice Osei Kuffour better known as Obour.

He explained that statistics and assurance of party delegates of Asante Akim South, clearly indicate a resonating victory for Lawyer Kwaku Asante Boateng’s bid to continue his unprecedented performance in terms of developmental projects in the constituency.

Mr Boateng further said he has carried out several developmental projects in the constituency some have been completed whilst others are at different stages of completion, and retaining the seat as an MP would help him to complete the rest of these uncompleted projects in the constituency for his people.

Amidst the vibrant atmosphere of his campaign launch, I engaged with sections of the delegates who were eager to share their perspectives on the transformative developments spearheaded by Hon. Asante Boateng.

Some delegates led the incumbent MP’s efforts of securing the tarring of 7 roads, covering about 120 kilometers in the constituency, a significant accomplishment that could happen under Mr. Asante Boateng.

Mr Boateng was very optimistic that, the delegates would express their appreciation for him through their votes in the Primaries due to several projects carried out in the constituency such as roads, clinics, toilet facilities, school building projects, especially the extension of electricity to about 33 communities which was a game-changer to the constituents.

“Having GIFEC telephone masts in 25 communities means communication and Internet are been extended to every part of the constituency in making sure that, Internet connectivity and ICT learning are extended to every part in the communities without leaving anyone out” he stated.

The incumbent MP has additionally constructed over 50 boreholes that have been provided for safe drinking water, further enhancing the positive impact of Asante Boateng’s leadership on the well-being of the community.

The deputy railway minister, Mr Asante Boateng’s strategic move with his MCE Mr Alexander Frimpong towards achieving Municipal status for the constituency has also struck a chord with delegates like Yaw Mensah, who emphasized the positive ripple effect.

MCE for Asante Akim South Mr Alexander Frimpong
MCE for Asante Akim South
Mr Alexander Frimpong

“Municipal status has brought in more projects – new schools, better facilities. It’s a step towards a brighter future for Asante Akim South,” he articulated.

Kwabena Ahwireng Martin ( Metro / Original TV/FM ) in an interview with the Municipal Chief Executive Officer of Asante Akim South Mr Alexander Frimpong who is also a strong force behind the incumbent MP in winning the primaries said, he is supporting Mr Kwaku Asante Boateng for the reelection as MP because he has delivered on his promises concerning developmental projects to the constituency.


He explained that several projects are currently going on in the constituency which majority of these projects have been completed whilst others are also at various stages of completion, and retaining Hon Lawyer Kwaku Asante Boateng would help him to complete all these projects for the constituents.

The MCE further said that the MP has lived well with his constituents, especially with his unique leadership style of building a good relationship among each other which has earned him a lot of trust and respect from his people which is making things very easy for lawyer Boateng to win the primaries at very large margin.

All these comments came up last Wednesday 10 January, 2024 when the MP launched his formal campaign for the Parliamentary primaries at his constituency, Asante Akim South.

Source:Martin Ahwireng