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Diana Asamoah & Edward Akwasi Boateng Clash Over Begging

Two prominent gospel figures, Diana Asamoah and Edward Akwasi Boateng are at each other’s throats over their differing perspectives on financial assistance within their industry.

The confrontation was sparked by Diana Asamoah’s plea for Edward Akwasi Boateng to cease seeking assistance, following his reception of a Toyota car gifted by Prophet Bernard El Bernard.

Well-wishers responded to Boateng’s public outcry by offering substantial donations to alleviate his financial burdens and support his family’s needs.

However, Diana Asamoah criticized the acts of generosity as tantamount to begging, urging Boateng to invest wisely instead.

In her remarks, Diana suggested that Boateng utilized the gifted car for Uber services to generate income, emphasizing her belief that gospel ministers should refrain from seeking external assistance, as it undermines the supremacy of God.

Quoting scripture, she questioned Boateng’s actions, referencing his past lyrics about the provision of the Lord.

However, Boateng swiftly rebuked Asamoah’s comments, interpreting them as insulting and unwarranted.

Expressing his disappointment, Boateng asserted his autonomy in seeking assistance and admonished Diana Asamoah to refrain from offering unsolicited divine guidance.

Edward Akwasi Boateng’s journey from fame to financial struggle has captivated many, reflecting the highs and lows of a once-celebrated figure in the gospel music industry. Once boasting a fleet of 17 cars and known for his philanthropy, Boateng’s fortunes took a downturn, leading to his recent appearance hawking musical CDs at Adum market in the Ashanti Region.

In earlier reports, he allegedly attributed his financial woes to his exorbitant spending on his wife’s lavish lifestyle, which eventually led to their separation. Left to support their three children, Boateng resorted to menial jobs to clear debts and afford necessities, such as school fees.

Despite his past success with hits like “Makoma so adea kae” and “Asem a waka, mebo wodin,” Boateng now finds himself selling pen drives and CDs containing his music at VIP Asafo, striving to make ends meet.