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Dumsor Vigil: IMANI has never organized any protest – Franklin Cudjoe

President of IMANI Africa Franklin Cudjoe has clarified that the organization has never staged any demonstration, including the 2015 Dumsor Vigils.

This comes after some confusion arose regarding IMANI’s involvement in the vigils, which were actually organized by the Citizen Ghana Movement, a pressure group.

Mr. Cudjoe explained that Vice President of IMANI Africa, Kofi Bentil, a prominent member of Citizen Ghana Movement, had reached out to Yvonne Nelson, a celebrity who supported the vigils, and that IMANI was not officially involved.

He emphasized that IMANI respects the right to peaceful assembly and has been actively engaged in advocating for policy changes in the energy sector through other means.

Mr. Cudjoe highlighted that IMANI has been vocal in criticizing the government’s handling of energy-related issues, including the Aker Energy deal, PDS debacle, and power tariff proposals. Furthermore, the organization has also been involved in various initiatives to promote transparency and accountability in the energy sector.

The IMANI Africa boss assured that when IMANI decides to organize street demonstrations, they will do so openly and without hesitation.

“We have been fighting this government in the energy space, and we will continue to do so through various channels, including public advocacy and engagement with stakeholders,” he said.

The statement also addressed Kofi Bentil’s association with IMANI and his support for Vice President Bawumia, clarifying that Mr. Bentil’s personal views and actions do not represent IMANI’s position.

“Kofi’s love, respect, and support for Bawumia and any other candidate, as long as it is done with decorum, tact, and factual, does not, has never, and will never represent IMANI,” Mr. Cudjoe emphasized in a Facebook post.

Read IMANI Africa’ s statement below

Let us settle this matter here as many have reached out on this Dumsor debacle..

The truth really is that IMANI has never organised any demonstrations ever, not even Dumsor vigils. It does not mean we look down on street demonstrations.

It was the Citizen Ghana Movement, a pressure group which Kofi was a prominent member of that reached out to Yvonne politely and requested her support for the 2015 dumsor vigils.

I have NEVER met and even spoken to Yvonne ever before and certainly none at IMANI officially engaged Yvonne.

Of course, Kofi was seen in photos with Yvonne and so she and others could easily conclude IMANI was the entity she was dealing with.

It was purely out of courtesy and respect for Yvonne and others who may be confused about the truth l explained above that I responded the way I did even though she could have used the same private channel Kofi courteously used in reaching out to her in 2015.

Discerning Ghanaians know we at IMANI have been fighting this government in the energy space. From the jocular and irresponsible handling of the AKER energy deal, the PDS debacle to chasing ECG, pursuing CWM matters, fighting over gas value chain issues (a la Genser), probing power tariff proposals, highlighting IPP debt buildup and many more. When we decide to join or organise street demonstrations over dumsor or any malignant political and economic issue, we will not be shy to at all.

As far as the unrelated matter of my tagging Kofi, Kofi’s association with IMANI and Bawumia goes, the matter is essentially settled. Kofi’s love, respect and support for Bawumia and any other candidate, as long as is done with decorum, tact and factual, does not, has never and will never represent IMANI.

By: Bright Yao Dzakah | | Ghana