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ECG begins operation ‘No free consumption’

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) will commence “Operation No Free Consumption,” which involves cutting off power to those who are using electricity without paying for it.

The exercise entails ECG teams updating customer information, collecting past due amounts, and disconnecting for nonpayment. It is planned to end on Thursday, February 15, 2024.

Customers caught in this behavior could face legal action, according to a warning from ECG.

According to the state power distributor, this kind of non-payment is common in certain locations, and the two-week exercise is intended to solve this problem and regularize client accounts.

ECG stated that it will make sure that people and businesses follow the procedure of paying for the electricity they use. It also mentioned that a new prosecution directorate will be in charge of pursuing legal action against noncompliant parties.

The ECG intends to address non-payment issues by using a variety of revenue mobilization strategies during the course of the upcoming year.

Last May, the company recovered over ₵3.1 billion from defaulters by launching a similar operation.