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ECG Calls on Customers in Flood-Affected Areas to Inspect Electrical Wiring for Power Restoration

In the wake of the Akosombo Dam water spillage last year, some residents in affected communities continue to face electricity supply issues, despite a general power supply in the area.

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has identified internal wiring problems caused by flood damage as the main reason behind this disruption.

To address the situation, the power distributor is urging affected customers to have their homes or premises checked and affirmed by Certified Electrical Wiring Personnel (CEWP) and Inspectors accredited by the Energy Commission of Ghana. The reports provided by these professionals will determine when power supply can be restored to the affected areas.

Furthermore, ECG has acknowledged concerns raised by some customers who have received electricity bills for the period during the floods when they were not occupying or using their homes. However, the company advises affected customers to prioritize paying their electricity bills for the periods before and after the flooding, as these reflect legitimate consumption.

ECG is working closely with community leaders and local representatives to compile a comprehensive list of all customers affected by the floods, including those who have lost their homes or premises entirely. This will aid the management in making informed decisions regarding the bills produced during the flooding period for these customers.

Customers are advised to note that the bills they currently receive may still include the period of the flooding. It is important to understand that if a customer had outstanding bills prior to the onset of the flood, these charges are legitimate and must still be paid.

The Akosombo Dam water spillage occurred between September 15, 2023, and October of the same year. For safety reasons, the power distributor had to temporarily cut power supply to the affected areas. However, as the situation improved, power supply was gradually restored to customers, with the exception of those whose homes or premises are not yet ready to be connected back to the electricity supply.

ECG remains committed to resolving these electricity supply issues and providing support to customers affected by the Akosombo Dam water spillage.