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At a short ceremony to present an award prize to Madam Charity Akortia,2023- National Best Farmer, Dr Bryan Acheampong revealed that the government had imported eighteen million old chicks this year, a significant increase from the previous year.

This boost in domestic chicken production is expected to raise the country’s self-sufficiency from 15% to 23% by next year, aimed at eliminating the need for chicken imports in the next five years.

The Agriculture Minister, Dr. Bryan Acheampong, honoured Madam Charity Akortia for her outstanding contributions to the agricultural sector in Ghana. The award ceremony highlighted Madam Akortia’s dedication, hard work, and impact on farming practices in the country.

At the ceremony, Dr Bryan Acheampong commended the Agriculture Development Bank for their continued support of farmers and their generous contribution of One Million Ghana Cedis towards the Best Farmer award. He praised the bank’s commitment to promoting sustainable agriculture and community development, emphasizing the crucial role they play in helping farmers thrive.

Dr. Bryan highlighted the government’s commitment to promoting agriculture, supporting farmers, and achieving food self-sufficiency in Ghana. The collaboration between the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the Agriculture Development Bank will undoubtedly contribute towards sustainable agriculture practices, economic growth, and development in the country.

The Hon. Minister at the ceremony also provided updates on the government’s Planting for Food and Jobs phase II initiative. He announced that the registration of Ghanaian farmers is currently underway, with two hundred thousand farmers already registered. The government aims to register a total of two million farmers within the next year, demonstrating their dedication to supporting farmers and achieving food self-sufficiency in the country.

Furthermore, the sector Minister highlighted the expansion of irrigation schemes across the country, a crucial step towards increasing agricultural productivity. Under his tenure, the government has added a substantial Twenty-Five Thousand hectares to the existing irrigation infrastructure, providing farmers with the necessary resources to enhance their crop yields and contribute to food security.

Alhaji Yakubu-Tali, the Managing Director for the Agriculture Development Bank, lauded Madam. Akortia plans to invest her prize money in expanding Greenworth Farms, showcasing her commitment to sustainable agriculture and community development. He affirmed the bank’s steadfast commitment to supporting farmers and ensuring their prosperity, reinforcing their role in driving economic growth and national development. The Agriculture Development Bank’s support is instrumental in empowering farmers like Madam. Akortia to fulfil their potential and contribute to Ghana’s agricultural success.

Madam Akortia expressed gratitude for the recognition and the support provided by the Agriculture Development Bank. She emphasized the importance of investing in agriculture and encouraged other farmers to take advantage of government initiatives and support to improve their farming practices and increase food production in the country.