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GNPC equips 210 artisans with start-up tools in Accra

The Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) has successfully graduated almost 210 youth from various districts, municipalities, and metropolitan assemblies in the Greater Accra region from its Skilled Artisan Program.

Dominic Kwesi Eduah, Executive Director of the GNPC Foundation, has clarified that the Corporation’s overall success is determined by the extent to which its operations serve Ghanaians.

The initiative was a joint effort between the GNPC and the Aseda Foundation, in keeping with the government’s mandate to combat youth unemployment and poverty.

Dominic Kwesi Eduah underlined the Corporation’s commitment to empowering Ghanaians through concrete opportunities for skill development and economic self-sufficiency during his speech at the graduation ceremony held by the GNPC Foundation at GNAT Hall,Adabraka, Accra for 210 artisans trained and certified under its “Skilled Artisans Project.”


He emphasized that although the discovery and production of petroleum is the main focus of GNPC, the organization’s wider duty includes promoting sustainable socioeconomic development for all Ghanaians.

“GNPC’s steadfast commitment to empowering our people is demonstrated by this graduation ceremony, which is more than just the end of training programs,” Eduah said.

He continued, “We sincerely believe that empowering and upholding Ghanaians is a fundamental goal of our business, and we make sure they have the resources and tools necessary to thrive in an ever-changing economic landscape.”

CEO of Aseda Foundation, Ms Diana Adjei thanked GNPC for the continuous collaboration between the two body corporates which is geared towards impacting the lives and empowering the dreams of Ghanaian youth in the informal sector.

The ceremony, which was organized under the GNPC’s prestigious livelihood empowerment program, provided a forum for 210 artisans to celebrate their successes after completing demanding training in a range of vocational specialties.

These skilled artisans, whose expertise ranged from electronics and woodwork to welding and tailoring, also gained newfound abilities and a redoubled drive to achieve.

Dominic Eduah emphasized during his speech the revolutionary potential of skill development in fostering both personal and societal advancement.

At the vivacious and striking event, the Chairman for the occasion, who is the Paramount Chief of Nungua and Acting President of Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs, Prof King Odaifio Welentsi III, impelled the artisans to make proper use of the tools and further admonished them to be worthy ambassadors of GNPC.

He underlined how crucial it is to give Ghanaians employable skills that are in line with market expectations in order to promote innovation, entrepreneurship, and the development of jobs in a variety of economic sectors.

He emphasized, “We are not only enabling people to secure their livelihoods by investing in skills development and entrepreneurship, but we are also laying the foundation for sustainable economic growth and social cohesion.”

Dr. Dominic Kwesi Eduah, the Executive Director of the GNPC Foundation, highlighted significant accomplishments made since the project’s launch in 2018. He stated that over 2000 young people from various regions have benefited from the initiative by receiving certifications from the National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI), which have improved their employability and allowed them to fully launch their own businesses.

“Our foundation is built on the belief that every individual possesses untapped potential waiting to be unleashed, and with initiatives like this, we aim to unlock that potential and empower Ghanaian youth to become agents of change in their communities,” he concluded.

Freddie Blay, the Chairman of the GNPC Board, echoed similar thoughts when he stressed the importance of artisanal skills in promoting economic growth and exhorted the graduates to take advantage of the opportunities at hand.

He further exhorted the youth to follow their passion and perseverance as they forge their own route to being contributors to Ghana’s growth, equipping them with the necessary skills and information to succeed on their entrepreneurial journey.

The graduates were given start up tools that included but not limited to Sewing Machines, Industrial Machines, Stand Dryers, Local Ovens, Cylinders, Welding Machines, Cutting Machines, Polishing Machines, Tilers Cutting Machines, Aluminium Cutting Machines, Spraying Machines, Acetylene and Oxygen Cylinders, Diagnostic Machines, Gas Stoves, Local Oven Cylinders, Bench Grinders, Metal Cutting Machines and Hacksaw Frame Complete to begin their entrepreneurial journey of life.

In a brief speech, Ogyeahohuo Yaw Gyebi II, President of the National House of Chiefs, who presided over the event, advised the graduates to utilize the tools appropriately and to be deserving representatives of the GNPC.

Other notable figures in attendance were Mawusi Awity as Director General of the Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Service, John Ntim Fordjour, Deputy Minister of Education,ECG board chair, Herbert Krapa,Former Member of Parliament for Mampong and former flagbearer contestant for the New Patriotic Party, Ing. Francis Addai Nimo
, underscoring the collaborative effort between GNPC and local government authorities in driving development initiatives.

The graduates felt even more confident as they started their entrepreneurial adventures thanks to their words of support and encouragement.

Each artisan received tools helpful to their field of expertise, ranging from sewing machines and welding equipment to gas stoves and diagnostic machines, among others, in an environment full of hope and possibility. Each tool also represented GNPC’s tangible commitment to empowering Ghanaians and fostering the growth and prosperity of Ghana’s artisan workforce, in addition to serving as a means of subsistence.