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Gospel icon MOG endorses Ruth Adjei’s mega single ‘M’ehu Yesu’

In the vibrant city of Accra, where the rhythm of life dances to the beat of diverse melodies, a tale unfolds in the heart of the Ghanaian gospel music scene.

MOG, a renowned gospel musician, found himself captivated by the extraordinary talent of his colleague, Ruth Adjei.

MOG and Ruth had shared the stage on numerous occasions, their voices intertwining like a heavenly symphony.

Ruth’s voice possessed a unique quality that touched the depths of the soul, carrying with it the essence of hope and grace.

Speaking on Accra-based Max FM, MOG poured out his admiration for Ruth and said “She’s one of the greatest ministers in this country and the world should watch out for her.

His appreciation resonated with fans and fellow musicians alike, creating a ripple effect of appreciation for Ruth’s unique gift.

As news spread, Ruth, initially modest and humble, found herself embraced by the warmth of the gospel music community.

She was not only recognized by her peers but also by fans who had been touched by her soul-stirring performances.

On February 5, 2024, Ruth Adjei unveiled her latest soul-stirring single, ‘M’ehu Yesu’.

This composition, a blend of contemporary elements and timeless messages of faith, showcases Ruth Adjei’s unwavering dedication to spreading the gospel through music.