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Government Withdraws Killer 15% VAT On Electricity

The Cabinet has unanimously agreed to reverse the previously authorized policy of levying a 15% value-added tax (VAT) on electricity, which is a significant milestone.

The decision relieves consumers of the burden of having to pay the contentious levy on top of their electricity bills.

The governing party, industry stakeholders, and the general public all strongly opposed the previously approved policy, claiming that it would put further financial strain on families and businesses at a time when the economy is already difficult. Acknowledging these worries, the Cabinet thoroughly reviewed the policy and considered public opinion before to arriving at this unanimous decision.

The government’s willingness to pay attention to the concerns of its citizens is demonstrated by the removal of the 15% power VAT.

Consumer relief is anticipated as a result of this decision, especially for those in lower- and middle-class households who are frequently hit hardest by these tax increases.

Furthermore, the administration has gone one step further and said that it will hold talks with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) about the possible shortage in revenue.

This proactive strategy demonstrates the administration’s dedication to sound financial management. To address the revenue consequences of the removal of the energy VAT, the government plans to consult with an international financial institution such as the IMF to explore possible solutions and advice.

Finding new revenue streams and guaranteeing financial stability for the nation’s economic future will be the main topics of discussion with the IMF. This action enables the government to investigate possible means of making up any shortfall that might result from the removal of the electricity value-added tax.

The administration is resolute in its commitment to protecting the nation’s and its residents’ financial well-being, even though more information regarding these talks with the IMF is still pending. The government seeks to achieve just solutions that benefit the country as a whole by placing a high priority on candid communication and cooperation with other nations.