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‘I never saw this coming’ – Afenyo-Markin breaks silence after being appointed majority leader

Alexander Afenyo-Markin gave a thoughtful speech to members of parliament in which he acknowledged his deep thanks as well as his sense of shock at being appointed Majority Leader—a position he had previously thought was unattainable.

“I never saw this day coming,” Afenyo-Markin remarked as he stood before his fellow parliamentarians on Friday, February 23. In a candid moment, he shared the narrative of his life struggles, particularly in Winneba, where his political journey began.

Afenyo-Markin narrated a momentous 2004 event in which, as a result of his youth, he was forced to abandon his run for parliament. He had to leave the political sphere due to the difficulties of being seen as being too young for such a responsibility.

2012 saw Afenyo-Markin emerge victorious to become the MP for Effutu, marking a significant turning point in the move towards political triumph.

In the end, the obstacles that had previously prevented him from pursuing his political goals were overcome by his tenacity and dedication to public service.

Afenyo-Markin gave a speech to the House during which he thanked everyone for their support and described the ups and downs of his path to reach this position of legislative leadership.