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Ignite Media spreads joy to mothers with disabilities on Mother’s Day

In a heartwarming gesture, Ignite Media Group, a leading media conglomerate in Ghana, brought smiles to the faces of mothers living with disabilities on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 12.

The event, dubbed “Original Ena Soronko,” was held at the media house’s premises and saw a gathering of mothers with disabilities from all walks of life.

The Original Ena Soronko program, an initiative of the Original cluster of the Ignite Media Group – Original 91.9 FM and Original TV, aimed to honor and celebrate mothers with disabilities, recognizing their strength and resilience.

The event was a resounding success, with attendees enjoying a day of fun, entertainment, and empowerment.

As part of the celebration, the mothers were presented with items to help them start small businesses, enabling them to earn a sustainable income and improve their livelihoods. This thoughtful gesture was met with tears of joy and gratitude from the recipients.

The event was attended by a diverse group of mothers with disabilities, who shared their stories and experiences, inspiring others with their courage and determination. The atmosphere was filled with warmth, love, and a sense of community, as everyone came together to celebrate the spirit of motherhood.

Ignite Media Group, headquartered in North Ridge, Accra, is a media powerhouse comprising Metro TV, Original 91.9 FM, Original TV, and two online news portals – and

The group is committed to using its platforms to promote social causes and make a positive impact in society.