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Ignore the 20% fare increase -Transport Ministry

The public is being encouraged to ignore allegations of a supposed national increase in transportation fares, according to the Ministry of Transport.

The Ministry stated in a statement released on Wednesday, January 17, that “no negotiations have taken place with the transport operators regarding a review of the transport fares.” Therefore, we strongly advise the public to ignore the alleged rise.

“When it becomes necessary for such negotiations and the decisions are taken, the general public will be appropriately informed, as has been done in the past.”

In a press release, the Commercial Transport Operators of Ghana said that the aforementioned fare increase was caused by a “substantial rise in the costs of lubricants and spare parts, coupled with increment on DVLA service charges,” adding that this was having a major negative effect on the members’ livelihoods.

The transport operators bemoaned the exorbitant expenses associated with upkeep and repairs.

“The proposal for a fare increase aims to address the drivers’ financial challenges and ensure the sustainability of the public transportation industry in Ghana,” the commercial transport operators added in the press release.