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Mikal Asher to drop new song ” Mustard Seed”

The collaboration between Mikal Asher and XLNC Fiifi Selah is entering a new Dimension. With the release of Fiifi Selah’s groundbreaking single “Awaken Souls”, Mikal Asher prepares to drop his next Single from the Amazing upcoming album “The Mission”. This one is Called “Mustard Seed”.

Speaking with Mikal this weekend, on an exclusive interview. He indicated Mustard Seed is a song about “Faith”.  I wrote this song more than 25 years ago. Yeah, I wrote this song when I came to Ghana and fell in love with the people. I saw that the people truly loved God and that they genuinely tried to be true to their faith. That was my Original inspiration for the song.

The song has been through many changes over the years.  One of the Major change is the addition of my two daughters to the song. Seraiah Morgan, who was 11 years old when she wrote and recorded her verse and Aijahnna aka “AJ”, who was 8, when she did her verse.

So now that we have been blessed to bring it out to the world, let me explain the fullness of this song to you my friend:

Both the Biblical and literary meaning of “Faith” is to have a strong belief in something for which there is no proof.

In the introduction to the song “Mustard Seed”, I quote Hebrews chapter 11, verse 1.
This is a direct indication of my strong Christian upbringing. So in the same way a Leopard cannot change its spots, the Binghiman will not depart from those values I hold so dear. My mother and father raised us to live by “Real” Christian principles and values. So for me the song “Mustard Seed” is a celebration of these values.

Mikal Asher speaking about the motive behind “Mustard Seed” highlighted on the need for people to know religion for themselves and not to follow blindly.

Mikal indicated faith is not all about believing in religion but knowing what religion is all about.

According to him, you don’t need religion to show your brother or sister love. Most religions do not practice love but money.

Mikal Asher’s strong belief in faith has a significant impact in all his songs.

The song was Produced by Michael Asher and Ronald Butler and recorded at Hill Top Studios in New York City.  The video was shot in Miami Florida.

The much anticipated song is dropping on  June 5th, 2024 on all digital platforms.

I send Nuff Thanks to the Members of the Morgan family that made it to the video shoot. Big Respect to Jemere Morgan for bringing his family and for overseeing the whole shoot. Thanks to Sister Faneye from Rastafari TV for all that she did to help us make this happen. Nuff Love to Director Tee for his Directing, editing and overall support to the Binghiman Project.

Source : Christopher Agbodo Ranson