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Mines and Energy Committee Urges Caution Amidst Contract Controversy Involving SML

The Chairman of the Mines and Energy Committee in Parliament, Samuel Atta Akyea, has urged against hasty judgments amidst the ongoing controversy surrounding the contract awarded to Strategic Mobilization Limited (SML) by the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) through the finance ministry.

Atta Akyea’s caution comes after leading committee members on a visit to SML’s data operation room in Tema to gain insights into the company’s operations. Expressing admiration for SML’s technological advancements and their potential to uncover revenue discrepancies, Atta Akyea stressed the importance of awaiting the findings of the ongoing investigation by consultancy firm KPMG before drawing conclusions on financial matters.

Emphasizing the committee’s commitment to transparency and accountability, Atta Akyea cautioned against premature judgments and underscored the need for factual understanding before making assessments.

Following the visit, the Director for Support Services at SML expressed confidence in the committee’s understanding of the company’s critical role in revenue generation, particularly in the petroleum downstream sector. She highlighted SML’s contribution to maximizing revenue generation in the sector.

Meanwhile, SML finds itself embroiled in legal proceedings with the Fourth Estates over a news article regarding its contract with the GRA through the Finance Ministry. Additionally, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has commissioned KPMG to conduct an immediate audit, investigating various aspects of the contract.

As scrutiny intensifies and the investigation unfolds, the Mines and Energy Committee remains steadfast in its commitment to thorough review and reliance on verified information to ensure accountability and transparency in evaluating the effectiveness of SML’s initiatives.