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Member of Parliament for the Shai Osudoku Constituency, Linda Oklu has expressed concern over the low female representation at the Shai Osudoku district assembly during the inauguration of newly elected assembly members. With only two females among the 22 elected assembly members, Oklu attributed this disparity to the prevailing economic hardship in the country.

The Member of Parliament for the Shai Osudoku constituency observed that women might be hesitant to take up responsibilities at the assembly due to fears of economic implications, given the challenging economic climate. She noted that unlike their male counterparts, women often strive for perfection in their roles, but the current economic situation poses barriers to their participation.

The inauguration also saw the re-election of Noah Sabutey as the presiding member, despite contestation from Ignatius Dodoe. This decision underscores the assembly’s confidence in Sabutey’s leadership amidst calls for continuity and stability.

David Kwei Annan, Deputy Director of the National Development Planning Committee, representing the President at the inauguration urged the assembly to ensure alignment between their bylaws and national laws. This call emphasizes the importance of adherence to legal frameworks in driving development initiatives at the local level.

The District Chief executive for the Shai Osudoku district, Fred Offei charged the newly inaugurated assembly members to put in their best commitment to the development of the district in order to maintain it’s status as one of the best districts in the country.

As the newly constituted assembly sets its agenda, the issue of gender representation remains a focal point, with calls for proactive measures to address barriers hindering women’s participation in governance amidst economic challenges.