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NPP Bimbilla constituency faces controversy as PC nomination comes under scrutiny


The nomination process for potential Bimbilla constituency parliamentary candidates in the NPP has taken a controversial twist.

Alhaji Ahmed Zaruk, an aspiring candidate, finds himself at the center of a dispute involving incomplete forms, social media uproar, and an unexpected admission during the vetting process.

The controversy began when Alhaji Ahmed Zaruk, the first to pick up a nomination form, failed to sign Section B of the document, a crucial step preventing independent candidacy or contesting on a different party ticket. Unaware of this omission, the election committee received his form through former chairman Alidu Bawa, who assisted in correcting mistakes.

Alarming developments unfolded when, post-nomination closure on December 25, it was discovered that Alhaji Zaruk’s form lacked the necessary endorsement due to the unsigned section.

Despite attempts to rectify the situation, the regional party’s released list of vetted candidates did not include Alhaji Zaruk, triggering a social media storm and an aggressive response from his supporters, damaging the party office.

However, during the vetting process on January 4, 2024, Alhaji Zaruk admitted to not signing Section B and acknowledged the falseness of a social media-posted form claiming otherwise.

He publicly apologized for misleading his supporters, who had reacted by vandalizing the party office and launching online attacks.

In a surprising move, the party accepted Alhaji Zaruk’s apology, urging him to repair the damaged party office and complete Section B at the Bimbilla party office. The Member of Parliament, Hon Dominic Nitiwul, endorsed this decision, emphasizing the need for a fair democratic process.

Despite the party’s willingness to accommodate Alhaji Zaruk, questions linger about his intentions. The party, bending its own rules to facilitate his candidacy, emphasizes its commitment to democratic principles. However, the outcome remains uncertain, as Alhaji Zaruk is expected to sign Section B on January 7, 2024, paving the way for him to contest in the upcoming primaries on January 27, 2024.

As the Bimbilla constituency awaits this crucial development, the NPP’s handling of this situation showcases both its commitment to democratic ideals and the challenges that arise in ensuring a fair and transparent electoral process.