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NPP Communicator Calls Mahama ‘Worst Leader,’Criticizes Current MP in Madina Constituency

Alhaji Janfaru Saeed Karim, a communicator for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has sparked controversy with his recent remarks about former President John Dramani Mahama and the sitting Member of Parliament for Madina Constituency, Francis Xavier Sosu as been the worse governance under his watch.

In a bold assertion, Alhaji Janfaru Saeed Karim declared former President John Dramani Mahama as the “worst president” Ghana has ever had, citing a comparison between the policies and projects implemented during Mahama’s tenure and those of the current government led by the NPP.

Speaking on Original FM‘s “Adwenekasa” program hosted by RSM Kofi Doe Lawson, Karim emphasized the ongoing efforts of the current government in infrastructure development, including school construction, road networks, and healthcare facilities, despite facing economic challenges.

Karim further extended his criticism to the local political landscape, particularly targeting the performance of Member of Parliament Francis Xavier Sosu in the Madina Constituency.

Expressing dissatisfaction with Sosu’s tenure, Karim asserted that the constituents have seen little to no improvement since Sosu assumed office.

He urged residents of Madina to unite and vote against Sosu in the upcoming 2024 election scheduled for December 7th, emphasizing the need for change and better representation in the constituency.

Alhaji Janfaru Saeed Karim’s remarks have ignited debate within political circles, highlighting various perspectives on past leadership and current governance in Ghana. As the nation approaches the 2024 election, such criticisms and endorsements carry significant weight, shaping public opinion and influencing electoral outcomes.

Source: Mills Thomas Obo II II Ghana