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Rev. Eastwood Anaba Preaches Against Excessive Entertainment In Churches

Renowned man of God, Rev. Eastwood Anaba has preached against the prevalence of entertainment in churches.

In a video in circulation on social media, the Founder of the Eastwood Anaba Ministries has expressed his worry about the church’s overwhelming focus on entertainment at the expense of the fundamental purpose of gathering to hear the word of God.

Highlighting the dependence of many churches on music and entertainment elements, he stated, “If there is no drum, there is no organist, there is no guitarist, and you take away all the music and the entertainment, many of our churches will die. It will be like the oxygen support has been removed.”

He has noted that during conventions, pastors are often invited to speak, but the emphasis tends to shift towards extended musical performances and choreography, sidelining the primary purpose of the gathering.

Using examples like kiosks, mosques, lorry stations, and chop bars, Rev. Anaba emphasizes that each place serves a distinct purpose.

He questions the shift in focus within churches, where entertainment has taken precedence over the core elements of worship and spiritual growth.

He has urged a shift in the church’s operations, advocating for a greater emphasis on healing and salvation rather than prioritizing entertainment and offertory collection. He challenged pastors to refocus their aims on spiritual impact, questioning how many pastors enter the church with the goal of performing miracles and providing healing.

It is unclear when the sermon was recorded, but the video has sparked debates on whether churches should reassess their modus operandi.