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Stephen Ntim’s Political Maturity Post-Ejisu By-Election Commendable – Koku Anyidoho.

Mr. Samuel Koku Anyidoho The Founder and CEO of the Atta-Mills Institute (AMI) a Pubic Policy Advocacy and Governance Think-Tank, has commended the National Chairman of the NPP for his “extremely matured approach vis-a-vis his choice of words after the Ejisu by-election”

Stephen Ayensu Ntim, the NPP National Chairman, in a series of interviews stated emphatically that “this is not a time for celebration but rather a time for reconciliation” – looking at the bigger picture of the December 7, 2024, General Election.

According to Stephen Ntim, the Independent Candidate, Kwabena Owusu Aduomi, a former NPP MP for the same constituency, has to be met as regards thawing whatever ice there is between him and his Mother Party.

In the just-ended by-election, Aduomi garnered a whopping 21+ thousand votes, representing about 43% of total votes cast, and the NPP Chairman was emphatic that such posting cannot be ignored.

The NPP Chairman is of the obvious wisdom-filled view that despite the victory, if the party ignores the value of Aduomi going into the general election, the consequences will be dire hence the urgent need to seek to smoke the peace pipe without fail.

As it is, it is the NPP that is willing and ready to eat humble pie and approach Aduomi and that is where Stephen Ntim’s sterling leadership qualities catches the attention of political watchdogs.

It is the posturing and speech of Stephen Ntim that has attracted comments from political watchers including Koku Anyidoho who believe that the NPP Chairman has exhibited a high sense of astute leadership qualities.

According to Mr. Anyidoho, a former Deputy General Secretary of the NDC, “… in as much as political parties are voluntary organizations, it is a truism that politics is about numbers and so at all times, keeping numbers intact must be a priority to serious political parties”.

“I am speaking from a pure governance, political party strategy/communications perspective, and I believe Mr. Ntim has cut a solid image for himself on this particular matter”.

According to Koku, when politicians wear false gowns of grandeur and think that numbers do not matter and so tend to disrespect party members, the end results are always bitter.