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“The GFA is friendly to the media”- Prosper Harrisson Addo

Prosper Harrison Addo, the General Secretary of the Ghana Football Association, has refuted allegations that the federation is antagonistic to the media.

This comes after claims that the FA refused to allow reporters in Ivory Coast access to the players during the Africa Cup of Nations, which prompted complaints from the media.

The FA official, who was also a former media practitioner, stated that the organization was obligated to abide by the rules set down in the tournament.

“This FA has been more media-friendly than ever! Myself, the President, and more media persons serve on the exco than ever, they are all media persons,” he said.

“If you look at the work we do with the GPL, WGPL and all our products, we have engaged media a lot and a lot more are working closely with the FA, The concept of Media officers are all part of cohesion between the FA and the media.

“Now to zero in on the Black Stars, when we go to tournaments, there are rules, take the World Cup for instance, there are rules and if it’s broken, we pay dearly for it.

“This GFA is media friendly and our door is always open to engage the media. We have to organise it within the confines of the competition rules. Also and more importantly the FA would have to create an environment conducive atmosphere for coaches and players to thrive at tournaments.”