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It is interesting to read the viewpoints of Justice Srem Sai after the Vice President’s speech on his bold vision for the nation. Justice Sai has essentially taken the position of equating the vice presidents office to the office of the president.

He cements this wrong notion by calling the vice president the second driver in reference to the driver and mate analogy made by the vice president in his speech. The position of Justice Sai is not only factually false but also not rooted in reality.

A quick run to the constitution of Ghana, Article 60, clause 1 will quickly dispel such false assertions.

The same Article 60 clauses 8 and 11 also denotes delegation of powers in the absence of the president and, in extreme circumstances, the absence of the president and his vice.

If we were to thread on the flawed logic of Justice Sai, then the speaker is essentially the third driver, implying a trinity at the presidency. This obviously defies logic. There’s a clear separation of roles.

The vice president or the speaker cannot usurp the presidents power or authority. Justice Sai’s position actually tethers on defying the law of non-contradiction.

One cannot be a president and a vice president at the same time. At best, the vice president can be an acting president within the confines and limitations of the constitution.

Justice Sai will agree with me the laws of logic must apply to reality. The vice president’s categorization of himself as a drivers mate is not only true but a reasonable statement. Truth by definition is exclusive.

The vice president is not the president. Yes, the vice president plays a supportive role in achieving the President’s vision, but ultimately 2017 through 2024 will be Nana Addo’s legacy.

Source:Janis Asare-Bediako, PE, PMP