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There Have Been No Measles Deaths -Agyemang-Manu


The Ministry of Health has refuted claims that a lack of immunizations contributed to certain infant deaths related to the measles outbreak.

Even though the National Health Insurance Authority reports that more than GH70 million has been released for the purchase of vaccines, certain regions of the country have experienced a shortage of vaccines in recent months.

As a result of the sporadic availability of vaccines for diseases including measles, polio, and tetanus, major healthcare facilities in the majority of regions turned away nursing women in February, worsening the situation.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, sector minister Kwaku Agyemang-Manu claimed that claims that certain deaths have been reported are wholly incorrect.

“It is important to correct the erroneous impression that there have been deaths from Measles in Ghana recently. For the avoidance of doubt, there have been no deaths from the recently recorded spike in Measles cases. Indeed, there have been no deaths since 2003 though we have recorded cases annually.”

The Minister also gave the assurance that in a few weeks, several crucial pediatric vaccinations would be available.

“The recent shortage in Vaccines for measles, as regrettable as it is, is symptomatic of the steady global decline in measles vaccination since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic.

“Working with UNICEF, we are fast-tracking the processes, and it is expected that the vaccines would be supplied in the next few weeks All things being equal.”

Source :Richard Obeng Bediako ll ll Ghana