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Train crash driver jailed six months

The Juapong Circuit Court has sentenced Abel Dzidotor, a 41-year-old truck driver who abandoned his car on the Tema-Mpakadan rail lines, to six months in prison.

This came after he entered guilty pleas to three of the four accusations, which included negligent and irresponsible driving, halting without permission, and causing injury.

Based only on his plea, he was found guilty.

The fact that the convict was married and had three children was taken into account by the court, which was presided over by His Honour Prosper Deu-Love Gormashie, while determining the appropriate sentence.

Additionally, the court stated that his initial guilty plea did not constitute a waste of time.

He received a sentence of 100 penalty units, or GHc1,200, for the first count of reckless and inconsiderate driving.

By default, the Court ordered that he spend twenty months.

He received 20 penalty units, or GHc240, as punishment for the second conviction of unauthorized stopping.

The Court sentenced him to six months in hard labor for the third count of committing unlawful damage.

The sentences the court said are to run concurrently, meaning, the convict will serve the highest custodial sentence of six months.

In addition to the jail sentence, he will also have to pay a fine of GHc1,200.