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24hour economy will herald economic change of Ghana — Dr. Peter Boamah Otokunor

Head of the NDC’s Civil Society Organizations (CSO) and Inter-Party Affairs, Dr. Peter Boamah Otokunor, has emphasized the revolutionary potential of Ghana adopting a 24-hour economy.

He described the policy’s potential significant effects on Ghana’s economic environment at a meeting with the Civil and Local Government Staff Association of Ghana (CLOGSAG).

“The 24-hour economy will herald the economic change of Ghana with its potential to significantly curb unemployment and drive sustainable economic growth across various sectors,” he said.

Dr. Otokunor also restated that the core of former President John Mahama’s 24-hour economic policy is Ghana’s transition to an export-led, self-sufficient economy via a three-shift workweek.

He listed concrete steps that would help firms run around the clock, such as rules, tax breaks, and legislative backing.

In addition, he pledged favorable conditions for businesses taking part in the program, including lower electricity rates during off-peak hours via the time-of-use tariff and financial assistance for critical industries.

“We must leverage key input costs such as power and raw materials,” Dr Otokunor emphasised. “By incentivising companies through targeted policies, we can ensure that the benefits of a 24-hour economy are maximised.”