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Regional Peer Learning on National Data Strategy held in Accra

The Ministry of Communications and Digitalisation, in collaboration with the Data Protection Commission, welcomed delegates from Benin and other partners for a significant workshop focused on data protection and digital strategies.
The event, hosted at the Alisa Hotel in Accra, saw participation from industry representatives, and international partners.
It was aimed at fostering peer-to-peer learning, sharing experiences, and exploring opportunities in data protection and digital transformation.
In her opening remarks, Mrs. Abigail Yeboah , Head of Operations at the Data Protection Commission, emphasized the importance of data as a strategic asset for national and regional development. She highlighted Ghana’s deliberate efforts to reform key sectors of the economy through advanced technologies and legislative measures, such as the Cyber Security Authority Act and the Data Protection Act.
The Deputy General secretary of the Ministry of digital,Gaspard Datondji, speaking on behalf of the Benin delegation, expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome and shared their progress in digital transformation. He emphasized the importance of data management and the need for robust legal frameworks to support their national strategies.
Mr. Bjorn-Soren Gigler, Deputy Head of the GIZ Global Program for Digital Transformation, commended the collaborative spirit of the workshop. He reaffirmed GIZ’s commitment to supporting digital initiatives in Africa, highlighting the importance of strategic partnerships in achieving sustainable digital development.
The workshop included presentations on Ghana’s journey in developing its national data strategy and Benin’s aspirations for data strategy development. A moderated roundtable discussion provided a platform for exchanging insights on the challenges and opportunities in data governance.
The event concluded with a commitment from all participants to continue working together to enhance data protection and digital transformation efforts across Africa.
The Ministry of Communications and Digitalisation expressed its appreciation for the support from GIZ and other partners, looking forward to further collaborations that will drive digital progress in the region.