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The MP for Asante Akim central who doubles as chairman on constitutional, legal and Parliamentary affairs committee, Mr Kwame Anyimadu Antwi has categorically stated that, he has no hand in the arrest of the CEO of National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme ( NEIP ) Mr Kofi Ofosu Nkasah by the office of the special prosecutor ( OSP ).

He explained that, the Asante Akim central NPP constituency secretary, Mr Felix Amakye who has been granting media interviews and has been mentioning his name ( Kwame Anyimadu Antwi ) as the one who reported the CEO to OSP to be arrested and investigated in order to destroy the chances of the CEO Mr Ofosu Nkasah in the Parliamentary Primaries elections.

Mr Kwame Anyimadu Antwi further said, the secretary Mr Felix Amakye has vow to do everything possible including lies, propaganda and press conferences to unseat him as MP in order to make way for his favourite candidate to win the primaries.

Kwabena Ahwireng Martin ( Metro / Original TV and FM) in an interview with the law maker further said, he has nothing against the constituency secretary for supporting other aspirants but to use unfair means, lies and propaganda to dent his hard earned reputation is what he disagree with.

Hon Kwame Anyimadu once again objected to all the allegations leveled against him saying, he is the one who wrote to the office of the special prosecutor’s office to arrest Mr Kofi Ofosu Nkasah since he has not done so and have no idea as to why the OSP invited or arrested the CEO of NEIP.

The MP used the opportunity to plead with the delegates of Asante Akim central to vote massively for him in the primaries to maintain the seat for NPP come 2024 general elections and also win more votes for Dr Mahamudu Bawumia.

The chairman on constitutional, legal and Parliamentary affairs committee of Parliament concluded that, the relationship between himself and the constituents is very good for the past fifteen years he took the seat as an MP and he is very optimistic that, he is going win the Parliamentary primaries scheduled for 27 January, 2024 hands down with not less than ( 65 % ) sixty five percent to retain the seat for NPP as member of Parliament for Asante Akim central constituency.

Source:Martin Ahwireng