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The Ambassador to Italy, Her Excellency Daniela d’Orlandi, has concluded a productive courtesy visit to the Minister for Food and Agriculture, Dr. Bryan Acheampong, in Ghana.

The meeting took place on Thursday, May 23rd, and aimed to explore areas of cooperation and mutual benefit between Italy and Ghana, particularly in agriculture, trade, and development.
Ambassador d’Orlandi led the Italian delegation. It included Mr. Gabriele Palermo, Deputy Head of Mission, Mr. Luigi Puca, Italian Trade Commissioner, and a liaison officer from the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation.

The visit was focused on introducing the BF Company’s agricultural project in Ghana, which seeks to cultivate and harvest various crops on a large scale.
According to the agronomist, the project plans to cultivate bananas, soy, tomatoes, wheat, and rice in progressively larger areas, to market these products locally and internationally.

Dr. Acheampong expressed strong interest in the project and assured the delegation of the Ghanaian government’s support to facilitate its successful implementation.

In a statement after the meeting, Dr. Acheampong emphasized the importance of collaboration with regional and district structures and shared the government’s 5-year strategic plan (PFJ 2.0) for agriculture development.

He also acknowledged the potential impact of BF Company’s project on advancing Ghana’s agricultural sector and its potential benefits for local farmers and the economy.

The BF Company’s agricultural project is expected to contribute significantly to Ghana’s agricultural growth, create jobs, and improve food security.

The Italian government’s support for the project is seen as a major boost for Ghana’s agricultural sector, which is a crucial component of the country’s economy.

The courtesy visit is seen as a positive step towards strengthening bilateral relations between Italy and Ghana, particularly in the areas of agriculture, trade, and development. The meeting has paved the way for further discussions and collaborations between the two countries.

In related news, the Italian government has expressed its commitment to supporting Ghana’s agricultural sector through its Agency for Development Cooperation. The agency is expected to provide technical assistance and financial support to Ghanaian farmers and agricultural institutions.

As the two countries continue to explore new areas of cooperation, this meeting is expected to have a lasting impact on their bilateral relations.